10 Reasons Why Your Country Concert Friends Are Your Best Friends

A crowd of people in a stadium

It all started outside a Kip Moore concert in the pouring rain.

That’s how I met one of my now best friends: dark skies threatening overhead and me with a poncho that had room to share with the girl behind me in line as it started to downpour.

Since that day, we’ve been to dozens of concerts together and have expanded our circle of friends with other like-minded country souls. Here’s why these friends are the best friends you’ll ever have:

1. Waiting in line for hours before a show isn’t nearly as boring when you’re surrounded by great friends. It’s a lot less draining on your phone battery too.

2. You’ll always make time for each other because you know that neither one of you will want to miss your favorite artists when they come through town.

3. Going to a concert with your country music friends is not just a night out on the town; it is an event. Days off of work and road trips together are planned around your favorite artists’ tour schedules.

4. You’ll never have to worry about someone taking your spot next to the stage when you have to go to the bathroom or want a drink. No one has the football stance down quite like your country concert friends, and no one is getting through that defense line.

5. There’s no chance of missing presale tickets for your favorite band; you’ve got each other covered if one of you is at work, on an airplane, or maybe just short on cash until your next paycheck.

6. None of your other friends understand the excitement you feel leading up to a concert, the rush you get post-show, or the emptiness you feel when you know you have to wait another few months, weeks, or maybe even just days before your next show.

7. For every situation you encounter in life, good or bad, your country concert friends will have a song to recommend that will get you through it. It’s even better when you hear that song live.
8. Gift-giving at birthdays and holidays is simple: concert tickets or band merchandise. Duh.

9. You help each other out when you want meet-and-greets for your favorite artists. Everyone knows their role, whether it be monitoring socials or calling the radio station 5,000 times trying to win.

10. You look back at old pictures and realize you were at the same concerts long before you ever became friends. That’s how you know you were destined to be country concert besties.

Thank you to Kip and a thunderstorm for helping me find my best friends.

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A beer bottle on a dock