28 Signs You Were Definitely Raised By Immigrant Parents

This will strike a chord if you were raised by immigrant parents, and probably make you laugh.

Regardless of culture, there’s a common bond among us first generation folks.  Growing up is different, to say the least, but looking back, it taught me a lot.

Here are 28 signs you were raised by immigrant parents. 

28. You went to more weddings by age 12 than most people go to in a lifetime.

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27. If you went out to eat, you never got dessert because “we have that at home.”

26. You had your first sip of alcohol at a very, very, young age.

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25. Vegetarians might as well be lepers to your parents.

24. When it came to junk mail and other shit: “keep that, I may need it.”

23. You didn’t know what “grounded” meant. You simply became a workhorse around the house.

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22. You never threw away empty sour cream containers, those were Tupperware.

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21. You were ordering takeout at age 7.

20. They also made you order at the fast food drive-thru.

19. You were expected to get straight A’s – always.

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18. If your mom wasn’t cleaning something, she found something to clean.

17. She also force-fed you and any guests.

16. Old shirts became new rags for cleaning.

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15. You guys grew some sort of food in the backyard, and would kill any critter messing with it.

14. If you’re a guy, your dad expected you to build a 3-car garage at age 8, maybe 9.

13. If you’re a girl, your mom expected you to be famous for something by middle school.

12. Your parents hated Halloween, so they gave out the worst treats.

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11. You never took PB & J for school lunch – veal scallopini anyone?

10. No teacher could ever pronounce your name correctly.

9. You had a lot of home remedies. Sore throat? Raw onions and a hot cloth soaked in homemade whiskey will do the trick.

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8. Your parents made you sign their name for school forms because they didn’t feel like reading them.

7. You didn’t vacation to the Caribbean, you went to the motherland.

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6. You were a professional interpreter early on.

5. And you had some weird after school activities.

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4. You watched HBO at age 10.

3. One of your childhood friends, or all of them, said “your parents talk funny.”

2. Yelling and talking over each other is totally chill.

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1. While growing up was batshit crazy at times, you learned some great lessons along the way…

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A beer bottle on a dock