The Ultimate Indy 500 Outfit Guide And Inspiration

It’s race weekend and I’m headed to the track.

If you’re headed there with me, I’ve got just the inspiration and thoughtful questions/comments to consider while figuring out what to wear.


1. Are they new? If yes, wear them in throughout the week to avoid blisters or find a new shoe. Not worth it.

2. Are you okay with the shoes getting dirty? You should be okay with stepping through a pile of mud in whatever you wear on your feet.

3. Are they something you’d be okay walking at least 3+ miles in? I say “3+ miles” in the most generous way. At the track, you’ll be walking a damn marathon.


1. Would your sweat show through the fabric? Hopefully not.

2. Would you be okay doing 30 jumping jacks in the outfit? You should be ready for anything on race day.

3. How will you feel if you come home and this outfit reeks of beer, gasoline, and cigarette smoke? You shouldn’t feel upset or sad. You should feel accomplished and successful.

4. Did you spend over $30 on the shirt? If yes, you should really reconsider. Unless you $30 is no big deal to you.


1. Honestly, I’m just going to tell ya. Wear it up and rock the party pony. It’s going to be a hot one and everyone will be too drunk to notice.

Basically, find an outfit that’s comfy, American, not brand new, and very light to avoid heat stroke. Here are some inspirational photos I’ve put together thanks to Pinterest to help you with all your fashion needs. 

If you really wanna get the look down, get you some Whiskey Riff to rock. 

Don’t forget:

  • Sunglasses

  • Fanny Pack/Bag

  • Sunscreen

  • Booze!!!

*Disclaimer: Some people prefer to dress nicer depending on their plans/seats for the day but if you’re an infielder this guide is for you.*

Whiskey Riff is the most entertaining country site…ever.