Big Game Hunter Dies After Elephant He Shot Falls and Crushes Him

Some might call this karma, but I’ll let you guys argue about that.

According to The Telegraph:

South African big-game bagger Theunis Botha, 51, was leading a hunt in Zimbabwe on Friday when his group accidentally walked into the path of a herd of breeding elephants near Hwange National Park and three of the elephant cows charged at them.

Botha fired at the rampaging pack but was caught by surprise when a fourth cow came in from the side and picked him up with her trunk.

One of the other hunters shot the animal, and it collapsed on top of Botha, killing him.

A man and a woman

I have great respect for hunting and hunters when it’s done in an honorable way, and the whole animal is used, eaten, and respected. However, this big game hunting can often become a little hard to defend when you see the images.

Wild story here, regardless of how you view the sport.

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