15 Things Every Die Hard Eric Church Fan Knows To Be True

Eric Church is the man. If you consider yourself a die-hard fan of Church, you’ll understand every single one of these points.

1. You can’t wait to take off your boot and put it in the air at his concert.


2. Jack Daniels is your go-to drink.

3. You love America just like Church.


4. You love the saying “Take me to Church.”

5. Every time you wear aviators and a ball cap you feel like Eric Church.


6. You know Eric Church is the ultimate badass of country music.


7. You appreciate Church’s authentic talent in songwriting AND singing.

8. Watching Church perform “Like A Wrecking Ball” is probably the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen.

9. You know all of his songs, not just the major hits.

10. Nothing and no one can beat an Eric Church performance.

11. When Church does this thing (see picture) with his arms, you get chills.


12. You could listen to his 2016 Red Rocks Amphitheatre performance every day for the rest of your life and it would never get old.

13. Sometimes you just want to yell, “ERIC F**CKING CHURCH.” Just because.

14. No one does the side smile smirk quite like Eric Church.


15. You wouldn’t hold getting and Eric Church tattoo against yourself. It might happen.


Keep on keepin’ on Eric Church.