Guy From Texas Suing His Bumble Date For Texting During Movie

This guy!

A Texas man is suing a woman for the $17.31 he spent on a date where he claims she texted throughout the movie they attended together.

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Brandon Vezmar of Austin alleges in his lawsuit that he met the woman on dating app Bumble and they went on a first date to eat pizza and watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at a movie theater.

The lawsuit alleges the woman opened her phone to read and send text messages 10 to 20 times during the film.

Court papers filed by Vezmar state texting is “in direct violation of the theater’s policy, [adversely] affecting the viewing experience of plaintiff and others.

“While damages sought are modest,” the lawsuit reads, “the principle is important as defendant’s behavior is a threat to civilized society.”

“I said ‘listen, your texting is driving me a little nuts’ and she said ‘I can’t not text my friend.’ I said ‘maybe you can take it outside to the lobby, I’ve seen people get kicked out movies for this,'” Vezmar told KVUE-TV.

Vezmar said the woman then left the theater and did not return. CLASSIC.

He said he decided to file the lawsuit after the woman declined to reimburse him for the $17.31 he spent on movie tickets. CLASSIC.

What a world we live in – male rompers and suing your Bumble date for texting.

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