7 Reasons To Date The Girl Who Drives A Truck

No, her boyfriend didn’t let her borrow it, she doesn’t need help backing it out and she can get in it all by herself. Why? Because this truck belongs to her. Girls who drive trucks are a rare and different breed. They don’t really give a sh*t what society thinks they should act like aren’t afraid to shake things up a bit. So if you think you can handle one of these women, you’re in for a wild ride.


1. She’s full of surprises.

You didn’t expect her to hop out of the driver’s seat when that black Chevy 4-door pulled up to the party and neither did anyone else. She’s spontaneous, wild and down for almost anything.

2. She can do things by herself.

This is an independent girl who can haul her own stuff, pump her own gas and bait her own hook. She doesn’t need you to do anything for her, but she probably wouldn’t mind if you did.

3. She’s confident.

She definitely doesn’t play by the rules and doesn’t care to blend in with the crowd. She’s not the shy or quiet type and will probably hit you with a pick up line before you even have time to think of one.


4. She can hang with the boys.

This isn’t the type of girl who’s going to suggest you stay in and watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians on a Saturday night. She’s rowdy, down to earth and has a bit of a tomboy side that’s always ready for a good time.

5. She knows what she wants.

She’s a woman who isn’t afraid to get out there and go places with her life. She doesn’t back down from things or situations that other people might think are intimidating. She’s loyal, responsible and hardworking. She won’t mind sitting shotgun every once in a while but when it comes to most things, she’s in the driver’s seat.


6. She’s the life of the party

When she steps out of that truck at the party, you won’t be the only one staring. She’s obviously not the shy or quite type and her personality is as big as her ride.

7. She’s knows how to clean up nice

Whether its putting a new shine on her truck or doing her makeup for a night out, this girl (and her truck) can go from mudding to mascara real quick. That’s the best of both worlds.

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