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The Kind Of Country Fan You Are Based On Your Name

Country music has many, many, segments of fans.

I started noticing a little trend with some names out there. These folks like their country a certain way – where do you fall?

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13. Ryan

Ryan likes it all. He’ll have fun at the Luke Bryan show, but also at Chris Stapleton. Gives every artist a fair chance before deciding he doesn’t like ’em.

12. Reed

Reed FUCKING LOVES anything the frat house would play. Lots of Kip and Jake Owen, some Southern Rock, anything he can karaoke to. Lots of Top 40 country songs you black out to over the summer…

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11. Ashley

Ashley only wants to hear Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett on the radio. And Cole Swindell. You know the girl…

10. Jim

Jim loves Sturgill Simpson and anybody else he deems to be “legitimate” and “country” – he fucking hates Sam Hunt.

9. Terry

Terry (man or woman) loves George Strait and Alan Jackson. A LOT.

8. Jenny

Jenny has one country artist she is obsessed with and everybody else sucks or is just OK.

7. Catherine

Catherine has a taste for the classics, the legends, and the outlaws.

6. Maria

Maria likes anything catchy after a few shots of tequila. She never knows the name of the artist singing a song. But she’s fun. Rides some shoulders at the fest.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

5. Ricky

Ricky will beat your ass if you play him pop country. End of story.

4. Lindsay

Lindsay loves the singer-songwriter types. Anything with soul, and honesty, is for her.

3. Tyler

Tyler likes to mix it up. Doesn’t mind some pop stuff, loves the old school stuff, but also loves the modern day outlaws bringing a new voice to what made country what it is today.

2. Dillon

Loves some “Wagon Wheel” after a few too many, but talks shit about Luke Bryan. You’ll find him listening to lots of Texas country.

1. Maddie/Maddy/Madison

Literally likes anything, everything, and a little in between. Put her anywhere, and she’s screaming the lyrics (at least trying) and throwing a few (or more) back.

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