Say It Ain’t So! Thomas Rhett Says Lauren Doesn’t Love Being In His Music Videos

But, we love it.

We all have seen Thomas Rhett’s wife, Lauren, in countless Instagram pictures but also in Rhett’s romantic music videos. Some of my favorites are the videos for “Die A Happy Man” and “Vacation.”

I love seeing Thomas and Lauren together in these videos but I just learned that Lauren isn’t a huge fan of being in all of the videos. The Boot reports that at a recent media event, Thomas spilled the truth.

“I feel like my fans are now like, ‘Well, why is she not going to be in all your videos?’ and I’m like, ‘She does not want to be,’” Rhett explains. “She hates being the center of attention. So anytime I bring her onstage or say her name in a concert, she’s really shy, and she’s like, ‘Oh God, here we go.’

He also said that although she doesn’t love being the center of attention, she is such a trooper.

“She made the ‘[Die a] Happy Man’ video what it is, 100 percent.”

Well, I know I love seeing her in the videos because we all know that’s who he’s singing about! What’s your favorite Thomas Rhett video?

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