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If He’s Not Cooking For You While Listening To An Old George Strait Record, He Ain’t The One

I don’t know what happened to guys.

Chivalry seems to be all but dead, and everyone can’t wait to get upset about a Tweet. When it comes to social media, what do you see overrunning your feed like a virus? That’s right, food videos.

Everyone likes food, but not everyone can cook it (embarrassing). You could show a chimpanzee three Gordon Ramsay videos and it will cook you a perfectly medium rare rib eye steak with roasted root vegetables in about 35 minutes. But, there are dudes out there that are burning water, and not cooking for those special ladies in their lives…unacceptable.

If there’s one thing you have to do for your girlfriend, fiance, wife, it’s cook for her. Show the effort you neanderthal. Don’t tell her to make you a sandwich, show her what a real meal looks like. Wine and dine her in your own home, show her you care. Don’t get me wrong, the best of both worlds is when you both can cook, and take turns, or do it together. That’s like rom-com shit, and it’s great.

Cooking shows both finesse and taking control, the act of caring and creativity, the want to satisfy her, and the intention to make her happy. If you’re not doing it for her, you also probably don’t buy her flowers, or hold the door for her, but that’s for another day.

Put on that old George Strait record and get busy.

If you can’t cook, you probably will never be able to, but give it a try. She’ll appreciate it.

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A beer bottle on a dock