40 Questions You Should Never, Ever, Ask A Country Girl

A man holding a gun

Sometimes the answer to a question is obvious.

Guys, never ask a country girl these 40 questions if you want to make it out alive…

40. Do you like beer?

39. How much do you weigh?

38. Have you ever been tailgating?

37. Kanye West, you love him right?

36. Do you watch the Kardashians?

35. Do you like camo?

34. And shooting guns?

33. Have you ever been mudding?

32. Do you like whiskey?

31. What’s the best country on Earth?

30. Do you like Florida Georgia Line?

29. Johnny Cash? You like him?

28. What about bonfires?

27. Do you like turkey bacon?

26. What about gluten free biscuits?

25. Why are you so moody?

24. Can I put on some country?

23. Do you own cowboy boots?

22. Ever drove a truck?

21. Do you know how to work the grill?

20. Can you shotgun a beer?

19. Should I buy this Prius?

18. Can you handle your booze?

17. Can I just honk when I get there?

16. You like fishing?

15. What about BBQ?

14. Garth Brooks isn’t weird, is he?

13. What do you think about this “dad bod” thing?

12. Should I get a man bun?

11. Are you scared of the woods?

10. Should we pregame?

9. Do you like the color combo red, white, and blue?

8. Ever rode a tractor?

7. Should we go to this country festival?

6. Does Carrie Underwood have nice legs?

5. Should I buy these skinny jeans?

4. Heels or boots?

3. Want some Jack Daniel’s?

2. Do you listen to Tyler Childers, Sturgill, and Cody Jinks?

1. Can you calm down?

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock