4 Songs From Chris Stapleton’s Lead Singer Band Days You Have To Hear

In the last two years, Chris Stapleton has skyrocketed to success as a solo act, cleaning up at award ceremonies thanks to his thundering voice and traditional sound. He’s also been a part of two other projects in the past— The Steeldrivers, a bluegrass band out of Nashville, and The Jompson Brothers, who put the rock in southern rock. Stapleton sings lead vocals in the two bands, both of which produce very different sounds.

Here are some of their best cuts.

The Steeldrivers- If It Hadn’t Been for Love

Fans of Adele may recognize this song from her cover that appeared on her 2011 album, 21. The Steeldrivers take it steady for this take on the rigors of love and the feats people go because of it. It’s a straightforward piece with Stapleton driving it along in a bitter tone.

The Steeldrivers- Where Rainbows Never Die

In this peaceful, reflective piece, an old man is at the end of his road. He looks back at what he used to be, and forward at what is next for him as his life comes to an end. Stapleton sings of one last trek through the South to get to the other side in an accepting, almost grateful take on life and death.

The Jompson Brothers- Ride My Rocket

Yea, they mean exactly what you think. The Jompson Brothers only have one thing in mind in this strutting number. It’s a stark contrast to what Stapleton did with The Steeldrivers. Think Zac Brown Band’s “Heavy is the Head,” but with more thrills.

The Jompson Brothers- On the Run

A thundering outlaw ballad, “On The Run” talks of a man on the move with vice in hand and regret in the rearview. The band paints a dark picture of the world in the same fashion as Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive.” It conjures images of a haggard-eyed man riding away from something instead of towards anything.

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