12 Signs You’re “Too Country” To Be Dating

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It’s a beautiful thing.

Sometimes it’s hard for a real deal country boy to be dating just any ol’ girl. As much as you love the company of a woman, the great outdoors just comes first. It’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and if she’s not down for the cause, then you should probably just stay single.

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Here’s 12 signs you’re too country to date just any ol’ girl.

1. You don’t know your anniversary, but you know when bow season starts.

2. The only meals you’ll cook for her are something you caught or killed.

3. Your idea of a couples workout is climbing a tree stand together.

4. You steal her makeup to camo your face.

5. You go to bed way too early so you can be out on the lake before dawn.

6. You respond to her cute texts with pictures of dead animals.

7. Your idea of a first date involves worms and 6 pack of cheap beer.

8. You show up to her planned events with muddy hands and jeans.

9. She buys you “nice” shirts that you refuse to wear.

10. You delete her shows on the DVR to make space for hunting/fishing shows.

11. You refuse to do any “datey things” that are indoors.

12. For her birthday you got her a gift card to Bass Pro.

It might be time to break it off, but don’t worry guys, Brad Paisley has a song for you.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock