Sam Riggs Lights Guitar On Fire And Causes A Major Problem At Texas Country Music Fest

Took that one a little too far. 

Larry Joe Taylor Festival is a large country music fest in Stephenville, Texas that takes places over the course of a week and sees upwards of 50,000 Texas country fans. One of those performers this year was Sam Riggs. Prior to the event Riggs’ management tried to get approval to have fire involved with his performance. He was promptly denied. That being said Riggs decided to go ahead and do what he wanted anyways and doused an acoustic guitar in gasoline and lit it on fire during his set. Then he smashed it. His tour manager also lied to the stage manager and said the fire extinguisher they had on hand was for possibly faulty equipment. Sam was asked to leave as soon as his set was over and the management of the festival was NOT happy. Sam must have caught enough heat from the event so he released a statement via his Instagram. So, what do y’all think? Good addition to the show or complete disrespect?

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A beer bottle on a dock