Whiskey Riff Song of The Week: Brad Paisley’s “Last Time For Everything” (+ a Cool Story)

About two years ago when we started Whiskey Riff we said what we still say today – we want to be a voice for the fans. We wanted to be the first true voice in the country music media space for fans to have fun, debate, listen and learn from others. Over the last two years, that’s happened. Because of the fans, Whiskey Riff has a voice, but that voice is yours.

Our first “omg” moment was shortly after we started and posted a great guitar cover of a Brad Paisley song. He then tweeted…

Something so small, yet satisfying, really got the juices flowing. We were ready to go full speed ahead.

Brad has always  been one of my favorite artists going back a long, long, time. I’ve seen him live more than anyone to this day. His new album Love and War is damn good (we’ll talk about it on the podcast this week). His new single, is also damn good, “Last Time For Everything.”

It’s your Song of the Week. And oh yeah. Brad, let’s have some bourbon soon.

Whiskey Riff is the most entertaining country site…ever.