The Best Advice You’ll Get All Day is from Eric Church’s “Three Year Old”

Good advice can often come from unexpected places. For Eric Church, it came in the form of his oldest son, Boone McCoy Church. In his aptly-named song, “Three Year Old,” Church explores the scraps of wisdom he’s picked up while raising his young son. Use every crayon color that you’ve got, he begins, diving into a narrative from the perspective of his son and how he sees the world. Walking barefoot through the mud will knock the rust right off your soul / I learned that from a three-year-old, Church reflects. It’s a revitalizing tune and a reminder to appreciate the world around you.

Fast forward two years, and his three-year-old is five. What kind of mischief Boone is getting into now, God only knows. Church also has another son, Tennessee Hawkins Church, who is now two. With another son to learn from now, the country superstar is bound to be full of sage wisdom.