Alyssa Micaela Speaks The Truth On Heartache In New Single “Clean Break”

We like to live in a world where we only show our highlights. We post pictures and updates of all the big, happy parts of our lives and leave the ugly stuff out of it. The same goes for our relationships.

Nobody (well, most people) won’t post a picture to Instagram to commemorate their first big fight or the night they spent crying themselves to sleep. We don’t talk about the ugliness or the hate or any of that stuff. So when it comes to breakups, we sometimes like to act like everything is rosy and the future looks positive.

Sorry, I’m calling B.S. Breakups aren’t easy. On either side. Country newcomer Alyssa Micaela speaks out on the heartache with new single “Clean Break”, proving breakups are always a little more messy than they seem.