Cody Webb Thanks Fans With An Acoustic Version “She’s Carolina”

Gotta love the stripped down version. 

South Carolina native Cody Webb wanted to thank his fans for giving his lyric video for his single “She’s Carolina” a million views by releasing an acoustic version video of the song. The original video was posted back in November and it being watching over one million times is pretty awesome. All of the South Carolina ladies will especially love this song. That’s the power of social media, folks. Check out the acoustic version video below and pick up “She’s Carolina” on iTunes here.

Cody Webb "She's Carolina" Acoustic

The "She's Carolina" lyric video just hit 1 Million views on Facebook last night! As a thank you, here is a brand new video of me and the guys playing "She's Carolina" acoustic in the studio! If you like this song and video give it a share and tag someone from South Carolina that it reminds you of! Y'all have shown so much love and support for this song and I can't tell you how much it means! "She's Carolina" on Spotify:

Posted by Cody Webb on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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