Jana Kramer Takes A Shot At Country Radio & Is Completely Right

Gotta love Jana Kramer right here.

Here’s what went down:

First of all, I don’t know about all the numbers.

Other sites have claimed that Jana was only half correct about the two songs she was referring to. However, her point is completely valid in that RaeLynn’s “Love Triangle” was an absolute smash. We’ve talked at length about how women often times don’t get a fair shake in the country music world and this sounds like a perfect example. Don’t get it twisted though, the radio is only going to play whatever the labels give them and also, whatever songs the labels want to put the money behind. It’s a business.

Still, tell me this song isn’t f*cking amazing. It’s a number 1 in my book.

“Trisha. Shania. Reba.” – Get yours here.

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A beer bottle on a dock