32 Signs You Grew Up In The Middle Of Nowhere

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As much as it may piss you off at times, there’s something beautiful about growing up in a small town.

Scratch that, a teeny tiny town…here are signs you grew up in one.

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1. Hanging out in some store parking lot was an acceptable form of entertainment at one point in your life.

2. You can’t leave the house without running into at least 5 people you know.

3. When people ask where you’re from, you just say the nearest big town because they never heard of where you actually grew up.

4. Your teachers always knew you through your older brother/sister and would often call you their name.

5. You wave to people driving by, whether you know them or not.

6. If you’re not at the football game on Friday night, then you’re probably the only one.

7. Parallel parking in drivers ed class was a joke. Mostly because you couldn’t find a place to do it.

8. You know what FFA stands for (or used to).

9. First day of hunting season was a school recognized holiday.

10. Getting a new kid at school was HUGE news. Who the F**K is this kid!!?

11. You detassled as soon as you were old enough to reach it.

12. Chances are one of your friends is either A. married to your ex or B. married to your sister, brother, cousin etc…

13. You give directions based on local landmarks.

14. If there was a family crisis, multiple people would bring you food.

15. Sometimes you gotta save water, and drink beer.

16. The nearest “nice” restaurant is at least a 20 mile drive. And it was likely an Applebee’s or Chili’s.

17. Your kindergarten class was the same as your high school graduating class.

18. You rarely made sure your front door was locked.

19. Dating someone from another school was “cool,” unless you were a guy and didn’t get why she had to go to another school for a boyfriend.

20. Your high school parties were in one of three places: bonfire in a field, barn, or someone’s garage.

21. You really did just drive around because there wasn’t shit to do. (Thanks Jake)

22. You waited all year for your local town festival.

23. You made the local newspaper like 349 times during high school.

24. If you got pulled over for speeding, your coach would hear about it and you’d make it up in practice.

25. You know what Brad Paisley means when he’d like to check you for “ticks.”

26. You’ve had to slow down for a tractor and it didn’t give you road rage.

27. You’ve been muddin’ at some point in your life.

28. There is no such thing as a secret. If you did something Friday night, everyone would know by the end of first period on Monday.

29. Going shopping was quite the excursion because the nearest mall was an hour away.

30. You learned to love America, respect your neighbor, and stand for your beliefs.

31. Country music speaks to your soul.

32. As boring as it could be at times, there’s something beautiful about that teeny tiny town’s innocence, calmness, and values. The things that make you who you are today. It taught you how to live life, work hard, and appreciate things. As teeny as it was, it had huge character, and shaped yours.

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