This One’s For The Girls Who Are Haunted By The Memories He Left You With

You remember every little thing. Every little thing that hurt you. Every little thing that made you who you are today. You remember those butterflies when he first got the nerve to kiss you. You also remember the sting your heart felt the second you realized he was gone.

It hurts to have those memories as you’re trying to forget. Some think it’s easy to just let go, yet I’ve never really understood that. I’m the girl who doesn’t initially open up but when I finally do, I open up fully. I love fully.¬†Getting over someone you fully love after they broke through your once guarded heart seems impossible.

“They say time is the only healer. God, I hope that isn’t right. Cause right now I’d die to not remember every little thing.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock