12 Traits That Describe The Perfect Man In Cole Swindell’s “Remember Boys”

The first time I listened to Cole Swindell’s new song, “Remember Boys” I actually teared up. Yes, that’s the power of music but in this case, it was so much more.

In a society that always complains about chivalry being dead, I found it very refreshing to hear something from a man’s perspective all about being a man who genuinely cares for a girl. Often times songs about how a man should treat a woman come from female vocalists or songwriters. I guess that’s another reason why Cole Swindell is among the best in country music. He’s a class act and obviously a man who has incredibly good intentions in relationships. I hope other guys out there can learn a thing or two from this song and I hope this gives girls, like it did myself, encouragement that those good guys still exist.

Here are 12 points that describe the man in Cole Swindell’s song “Remember Boys”…

1. The boy who is willing to work for her.

2. The boy who cares about her heart.

3. The boy who earns her trust.

4. The boy who takes her on an actual date.

5. The boy who opens the door for her.

6. The boy who puts her first.

7. The boy who doesn’t mess around with a bunch of girls.

8. The boy who reminds her how much she means to him.

9. The boy who doesn’t take her for granted.

10. The boy who loves her even when she is driving him crazy.

11. The boy that she loves to love.

12. The boy that she’ll always remember.

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