Stop Doing These 10 Stupid Things On Instagram

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Instagram is one of my favorite places to waste a little time, and try to entertain. By the way, make sure you follow @WhiskeyRiff for some good fun.

Since I do spend quite a bit of time there, I see it all – I see what some of y’all are posting. Some things need to stop. Here are 10 things you need to stop posting on Instagram…

Your shitty dinner.

Some people get what “food porn” means, others do not. Stop.

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Uplifting quotes.

More often than not, people read them and think “damn, he/she is going through something…” Getting a few likes on a piece of quote art isn’t going to make you feel better in the long run. These quotes aren’t “so deep.”

A person holding a trophy

Too much #WCW/#MCM.

We get it, you two are together, and like each other.

Shitty concert videos/photos.

Either get a really cool pic, or don’t take one. Either get a really cool video, or don’t post one. Nobody wants to see your train-wreck video of deafening muffled noise, taken with a toaster.

A person holding a trophy

Your coffee.

OMG! SO. FUNNY. They misspelled your name.

Gym selfies.

Unless your career involves the gym, maybe people had enough selfies.

Posting self-deprecating captions so guys will compliment you.

Everyone sees right through this.

Too many selfies.

This goes for guys, and girls. Guys…what. are. you. doing…

A plane wing.

You fly on planes, so do millions and millions of others all the time.

Too many hashtags.


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A beer bottle on a dock