Would I Swim In This Houston Sky Pool? NO F*CKING CHANCE.

Never been a big heights guy, ya know?

A Houston high-rise went viral because its most popular amenity — a glass-bottom swimming pool on the top floor.

The residential Market Square Tower posted a video to Facebook showing a swimmer walking from the main area of the Sky Pool — on the 42nd floor — to a 10-foot area that juts out from the edge of the building and has a transparent floor.

The bottom of the cantilever pool, 8 inches of plexiglass, makes it appear as though the swimmer is suspended 500 feet over the ground.

Yeah but, what if some shit happens? What if a screw comes loose and that fucking thing breaks off, or something from space cracks it? Then what?

No thanks. I’ll stick to the good ol’ days when you swam in something nature made.

h/t UPI

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock