Ryan Hurd Delivers Honesty and Passion In Knockout Debut EP

Singer, songwriter, high octane performer, and all around great guy, Ryan Hurd has new EP out that’s a perfect representation of him as an artist.

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It’s four songs that take you on a roller coaster of love, and passion. “We Do Us” is the most upbeat track, one you can crank on the boat this summer. When you and your girl are the perfect pair, you realize nobody does it like “we do us.”

“Love in a Bar” paints the picture of finding love in an unlikely place, with the most humble of surroundings. It screams of passion.

“City Girl” is a nice little ode to Chicago, in the form of a fling, or “city girl.” Every guy has realized he maybe fell for the wrong one at times, one that isn’t looking at you the same. This is your song.

“Hold You Back” is the deepest and most honest song of them all. In my opinion, this song has #1 written all over it. The message, the honesty, the vibe, it’s all there.

What is incredibly clear when listening to this EP is that Ryan Hurd isn’t afraid to write from the heart. He’s also not afraid to have some fun, and talk about the good, and bad, that comes with love and chasing after it.

Cheers to that, Ryan.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock