11 New Country Artists I Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now

There’s nothing I love more personally than showcasing up-and-coming artists. And, as far as new artists go, there’s a TON of amazing talent out there right now making some incredible music.

I wanted to give you my list of 11 I just can’t get enough of right now. You really need to do yourself a favor and start getting familiar with these names.

Bailey Bryan

Not even 20 years old, this Washington (state) native has a soothing pop sound fans of Taylor Swift are going to love. There’s a sass to the music, and a compelling blend of pop and country that keeps your head nodding.

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Colter Wall

I don’t think I’ve listened to any artist more lately. Colter is beyond unique, and original. Those words don’t even begin to scrape the surface of the Johnny Cash-like growl and attitude in his music. His voice stops you in your tracks, and grabs on to you like a wild animal, not letting go.

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High Valley

These guys bring with them a sound missing from country music. It’s a little folk, pop, country, even EDM at times. But, they take these influences and mesh them without disrespecting your music sensibilities. Great workout music, too.

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Candi Carpenter

Listen to “Burn The Bed” – end of story. The haunting beauty in her voice and lyric take you to a place you didn’t know existed.

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Walker Hayes

Fans of traditional country won’t be fans, but that’s cool. Walker knows who he is, and the type of music he wants to make. It’s funky, it’s poppy, it’s hard to pinpoint. Also, everyone raves about the talent this guy has, in every aspect of music making.

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Lindsay Ell

A triple threat. Lindsay captivates with a combination of soulful vocals, great songwriting, and shredding on guitar. Worth The Wait is a killer EP.

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Caitlyn Smith

There’s a grittiness to Caitlyn’s music that screams honesty. It’s vulnerable and has that intangible, the “it” factor. You feel her music, not just hear it.

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This new country trio take the traditional country sound to a place I think even non-traditional fans will soon fall for. It’s catchy in a way that is in no way corny, but more importantly, the melody and harmonies are as soothing as the smoothest whiskey.

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Carly Pearce

Sometimes a voice and song are so real, and honest, your past heartbreak comes back from the dead. That’s what happens when listening to “Every Little Thing.” Carly’s music is moving, and hits you like a sledgehammer.

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Troy Cartwright

This Texas native has an edge and rugged smoothness to his music that keeps you wanting more. It’s polished, yet raw and the type of guy fans from multiple genres and sub-genres will fall in love with.

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Walker McGuire

Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire create one of the most exciting new duos in years. Their song “Til Tomorrow” is ready to make some noise on a national level, and after one listen you’ll know why.

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