Hey, Guess What? The Rock Loves Cody Jinks

How ’bout that.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a country music fan, and more specifically, a Cody Jinks fan. He posted this image to his Instagram with the following quote:

I tried, but I could never write music that good. I always a decent ear for rhythm and a good eye for lyrics though.
Check this song out by one of my favs @CodyJinks. These lyrics spoke to me pretty quickly. And where the chorus goes tempo and rhythmically is pretty cool.
I’m a life long fan of traditional, hard core country (Paycheck, Willie, Haggard, Jones, Jamey Johnson, Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson etc) but even if you’re not, I think you’ll dig and appreciate it. “You never know who you’re talking to, but always know who’s watching you, keep your feet movin’ straight down the line.”

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