The Vocal And Songwriting Ability Of Cheyenne Goss Is Going To Capture Your Heart

“I tried hard to make him see everything that he wanted he already had it in me…”

THIS GIRL. I’ve written about her a few other times and won’t be stopping anytime soon. Cheyenne Goss has some serious talent. Not only is she incredibly talented vocally but also with her songwriting ability.

Nothing is better than finding a relatable song, you know, the kind of song that just gets you. It’s the one you play on repeat to get you through different parts of life… the good and the bad. It becomes your anthem and heals you little by little. Music is a special reminder that we aren’t in this alone. Someone else out there does know how you feel and that is a comfort we all need in our loneliest moments. Music is healing. 

If you feel me on this, then Cheyenne Goss is going to be your new favorite. Her emotion-filled vocals and songwriting ability is going to capture the heart of many. Check out one of my favorites from her, “This Mess” and stay tuned for more to come from this one.

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A beer bottle on a dock