High Valley Releases Gripping New Music Video For “I Be U Be”

One thing I love about my job as a writer here for Whiskey Riff is the responsibility to discover new artists and get them on the playlists of our readers long before the tracks ever hit the airwaves of their local radio station. So when I cover an artist or group and here that very song three months later while I’m driving down the highway, it’s a pretty good feeling.

I first covered High Valley last March and am more than happy to be covering them again more than a year later for their latest music video release, “I Be U Be”. These guys have a folk sound unlike anything else in today’s country and one that I seriously love. It’s hard to listen to their music and not instantly be put into a good mood. Their music has me hooked from beginning to end, every song, every time.

Their music video is no acceptation. With dramatic lighting, beautiful actors and a story line that sticks true to the song, this is a music video I’m more than happy to share with y’all.


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