Brett Eldredge’s NEW Song “Take Me The Long Way Around Your Town” Is Everything I’ve Ever Wanted To Hear From A Man

“Take Me The Long Way Around Your Town” is my new favorite song… and yesterday it was “Somethin’ I’m Good At” so basically Brett Eldredge is killin’ it. Between those two songs, you’ve got one happy, happy, happy Delaney. If you listen to the words Brett sings, your heart might actually stop beating and I’m not kidding. It’s like all the words I’ve ever wanted a guy to say to me, all put together in one song. This is the kind of love I’m lookin’ for.

Mentioned by Brett to appear on his next album, check out “Take Me The Long Way Around”

**Title clarification- There’s a HUGE difference between just saying something and saying something and meaning it with all your being. Some guys are really good at talking up a good game. The one who doesn’t just speak the charming words but PROVES that he means every word he says is the guy who might be worth loving. **

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock