The Type Of Drunk You Are Based On Your Name

A person drinking from a cup

Everybody has their own drunk style.

For the ladies, there are quite a few categories. Here’s the type of drunk you are based on your name.

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11. Jessica – The Sassy One

Cursing way more than she does sober, she can be a little bitchy and have diarrhea of the mouth.

10. Kate – The Houdini

Everybody is drinking and having a good time, and Kate disappears – where is Kate? She Houdini’d out of there. She’s a disappearing act.

9. Lauren – The Screamer

OMG SHE LOVES VODKA! VODKA REDBULL, VODKA SODA, OMG! Everything is SO EXCITING!!! Every song that comes on is “her jam,” and she’s gonna let everyone know. Oh, and also, she hasn’t seen you in “SOOOOOOOO long!!!!”

8. Sarah – The Super Emotional One

One too many drinks and she crying about a guy she’s seeing, or saw, or may one day see. After drinking she thinks her life is in shambles and nothing goes her way…

7. Victoria – The Flirty One

Wild child. Flirty.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

6. Sarah – The Clumsy One

Things get a little messy. Drinks get spilled. Tripping happens.

5. Christina – The One Drink Wonder

She only had one drink but she’s fucking lit. Glossy eyed after a daiquiri.

4. Samantha – The Blackout

Maybe the night will end with Samantha puking on the bar table, who knows!

3. Emily – The Fighter

She gets a little feisty. Don’t fuck with her.

2. Becca – The Dancer

Every song is a song you can dance to.

1. Steph – The Fun One

Everybody knows a Steph. For her, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, and she’s always down to throw some back.

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A beer bottle on a dock