Cole Swindell’s “Gettin’ Forgotten” Is For Anybody Who’s Let A Good One Walk Away

Me and a couple buddies from back home take undiscovered country music so seriously that we have a group text called “Country Music Technicians.”

So naturally, when one of them told me to listen to Cole Swindell’s “Gettin’ Forgotten” and called it the “song that could be playing at the end of the summer,” I dropped everything I was doing and dove into it.

It’s a bonus track from Cole’s You Should Be Here Album and boy is it a treat. It paints the perfect picture of a guy not knowing what he wants only for her to move on and he be left as a spectator with big-time regrets. A couple lyrics hit especially close to home…

Got me shaking my head, good God, man, I must’ve been blind.

So let’s raise a cold Busch Light to all the guys who are Gettin’ Forgotten this summer.

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