Taylor Swift Working on New Album, May Go Back To Country

BIG big news here.

Taylor Swift has been out of the public eye as of late, leaving fans in bewilderment as to the superstar’s whereabouts and new music. Well, we have news.

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According to ET, Taylor has been hard at work in Nashville on a new album. The “Shake It Off” singer has been figuring out what the sound and feel of her new album is going to be, and whether or not she wants to continue in the pop genre that propelled her last album to record-shattering success, or return to her beloved country roots.

We see the tweets, we know how badly her original fans want the country Taylor back. Recording in Nashville allows for Swift to stay out of the spotlight and avoid the paparazzi, putting a greater focus on the music, and a calm surrounding.

If she goes back to country, it’s going to be HUGE, and likely record breaking when it comes to sales. Time will tell…

Who’s excited?

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