58 Things Every Boilermaker Needs To Add To Their Bucket List

Purdue University is one of the best places in the world. This campus used to be just another place on the map to me but now after experiencing life here, it’s become a home.

Work hard, play hard.That’s the boilermaker motto.

Our work ethic, determination, and talents are hard to come by and on the other hand, so is our ability to down a mind eraser at Harry’s around 2 AM and still make it to our 7:30 AM class. With that said, I give you the ultimate Boilermaker Bucket List…

1. Go to the Den for a den pop. Well, duh. 

2. While you’re there go ahead and get that beer bong. You know you want it.

3. Add some of that good good (alcohol) to your den pop to make it a fun pop. Then sloop challenge like it’s what you were born to do. 

4. Go on a mega fountain run.

5. Slide down the engineering fountain. 

6. Dance your heart out in the fraternities and stay way longer than you should.

7. Get denied at Harry’s.

8. Get denied again at Harry’s. 

9. Then turn 21 and finally get into Harry’s.

10. Then take the birthday shot and get kicked out of Harry’s because you’re too drunk.

11. On your 21st birthday get your basic “I’m 21” picture at Brothers.

12. Selfie with Neil Armstrong.

13. Complete the “Indoors Man Challenge” at Harry’s.

14. Climb up to the top of the observatory.

15. Drink every day for a week straight. Haven’t you heard, Sundays are the new Fridays anyways.

16. Run the nature trails out by the acres.

17. Try to go under the Math building on a cold windy day.

18. Tailgate every home football game. One thing is for sure, Boilers have never lost a tailgate.

19. Ride the Boiler Express around campus and yell the whole time.

20. Go to the dining courts drunk. (Dining courts, I miss you.)

21. Dress up as something completely weird/unique for Halloween.

22. Go to all of the dining courts in one day.

23. Breakfast Club.


24. Drink from the Lion fountain.

25. Sled down Slayter Hill.

26. Frat pack. AKA try and fit as many people as you can into one car.

27. Spend a whole day frat benching and drinking.

28. Sing along with the piano man Bruce Barker at the Neon Cactus.

29. Request your favorite song to him. Then sing your little heart out.


31. Go ice skating at Tappawingo Park.

32. Do the clapping circle behind the Union when you’re walking back after drinking.

33. Be weird daily with your people.

34. Go to Triple XXX and eat the Purvis or Breakfast Special.

 35. Get a disposable camera and use it on a night out.

36. Get a picture with Purdue Pete.

37. Darty. Duh.

38. Join an organization that you love. (Go Kappa)

39. Grand Prix the right way.

40. Get fat franks but for the sake of your wellbeing, only once.

41. Close down Harry’s.

42. Pregame a night out (or your intramural game) at Poblanos.

43. Get to the point that you get “the wave” in at the bars because the bouncers know you so well.

44. Go to an away formal. If not, the go to Harry’s because he’s always there for you.

45. Try at least one thing you’ve never done before but always wanted to do.

46. Figure out where your favorite fraternities chapter room is.

47. You ever completed an exam tipsy? Try it.

48. Play intramurals, even if you suck.


49. Make friends that will last a lifetime.

50. Learn something each day.

51. Keg Race. (& win)

52. Eat Lotsa Pizza after a night of drinking.

53. Rock Climb at the CoRec.

54. “After School Club” on Fridays like it’s your job.

55. Dance in 308’s basement.

56. Don’t forget about Jake’s. (They lowkey have bomb burgers.)

57. Jump in the bushes in front of Stewart Center on your way home from the bars. No questions asked. (@Denhart)


Ever Grateful, Ever True.