20 Thoughts You Have When Shopping at H&M

A woman holding a shopping bag

I like H&M.

Simply put you can dress yourself cheaply and with style. But, there is something different, and challenging, about shopping there.

Here are 20 thoughts you have…

20. All these employees but nobody working the cash register.

19. Am I going to die of heat stroke?

18. This music is giving me anxiety.

17. I’m happy this item is so cheap, but I don’t trust it.

16. Bracelets everywhere.

15. Get the fuck out of my way (as a bunch of teenagers bump into you).

14. I know the alarm is going to go off when I leave even though I paid for everything.

13. But the security guy will just wave and smile and say “you’re good!”

12. $5 t-shirts?

11. Oh! And a sale, wait, they always have sales.

10. The prices are so cheap it’s always on sale, ya know?

9. These $45 boots look great, but they will not last me two months, but they look nice, so I’ll buy them and get blisters.

8. I know these jeans will fall apart in 6 weeks, but I’ll still buy them.

7. $17 shoes? Might as well buy 6 pairs. Each pair lasts one night out.

6. OK, definitely going to die of heat stroke.

5. I can never find anything, and always buy stuff I am not looking for.

4. So many accessories for my wrists.

3. If I close my eyes, I feel as though I am in a German nightclub.

2. I’m too hot, time to go.

1. Good deal, I got 14 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, and 3 pairs of shoes for $64.

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