20 Reasons Every Guy Needs A Hockey Lovin’ Girlfriend

We’re a big proponent of the sports loving girls at WhiskeyRiff, (read 19 Reasons To Date The Girl That Loves Sports) but I’m going to do you one better.

Out of all the sport loving girls out there, the hockey chicks are the best in my humble opinion. Here’s 17 reasons why you need to find yourself a hockey loving girl immediately.

1. Have you seen her in a hockey sweater? Thing of beauty.

2. They aren’t afraid of the cold.

3. She knows the definition of devotion.

4. She’ll scream at the TV with you.

5. Game night and date night are one in the same.

6. She enjoys an ice cold Labatt Blue (or any other beer).

7. She understands the pain of a losing record.

8. And how to celebrate like a champion.

9. She has no problem being “one of the boys.”

10. Spontaneity. Last minute ticket search? Hell yeah.

11. She’s just as into the game as you.

12. Instead of yelling at you because you’re on your phone at dinner, she’ll say “Hey can you check the score?”

13. Two words. Ball cap.

14. If you got different teams, a friendly wager can be a blast.

15. There is no fighting for the remote. We both know what’s on tonight.

16. Hockey is always in season right around Christmas and V-Day.

17. She’s feisty. She’ll drop the gloves if she has to.

18. Insert random “she’ll hold your stick” joke here.

19. She won’t get hurt when you take her ice skating.

20. She just might sing country music.


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