Let’s Throw It Back To Garth Brooks “Playing” Pro Baseball

Athletes wanna be rock stars and rock stars wanna be athletes.

In 1998, Brooks launched his Touch ’em All Foundation with Major League Baseball. He also began with a short career in baseball, when he signed with the San Diego Padres for spring training in 1998 and 1999. Brooks’ performance on the field did not warrant management placing him on the regular season roster (obviously); however, he was offered a non-roster spot, but declined it. The following season, Brooks signed with the New York Mets. This spring-training stint was also a poor performance for Brooks, resulting in a zero-for-seventeen batting record.

In 2004, Brooks returned to baseball with the Kansas City Royals. He got his first and only hit off Mike Myers during his final spring training game with the Royals.

According to Baseball-Reference.com, he was 1-39 with the Padres and Mets (a .025 average) but had at least one hit with the Royals.

I think he picked the right profession.

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