Raelynn’s “Praying For Rain” Is That Extra Oomph Every Girl Needs In Her Life

One to get you on your feels.

Raelynn’s new album ‘WildHorse’ finally has hit the town, and I couldn’t be more obsessed.

“Praying For Rain” is a song every girl needs to listen to when she’s feelings down. It’s a slower tune, but man the message it makes will have an impact on your heart.

I found my wings in this Texas wind
It picks me up to fly and knocks me down again
There’s some things in life you can’t explain
So I’m talking to God, praying for rain

So I can stand tall in a storm like a live oak tree
No one in this world’s gonna ever get the best of me
Running down a dream like I’m chasing a train
Finding who I am a little more every day
‘Cause I’m just a girl
Talking to God, praying for rain

In life there are always going to be ups and downs. Things you can control or can’t. During the hardest times or whatever it is that’s getting you down, sometimes it’s just best to talk with God and pray for some answers. Pray for the courage, peace of mind, or strength to “stand tall in a storm like a live oak tree.” With everything, it starts with yourself. You get to choose the outcome of your own life and how you react to it. Don’t let people or situations get in the way of you chasing your dreams. Stand up tall, keep your chin to the sky, and pray for some rain.

I’ve been the one “talking to God, praying for rain” far too many times, and I know that’s not going to change any time soon. It’s helped me find out who I am, and this song “Praying For Rain” is a good reminder to keep up with that. Thank you Raelynn for this one, us girls needed it.

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A beer bottle on a dock