Lindsay Ell’s New Song, “Worth The Wait” Is For The Girls Who’ve Waited Around For A Guy

Lindsay Ell’s album is fire and “Worth The Wait” is totally relatable for many of us. This song is for the girls who’ve been caught somewhere between not wanting to wait around for any man but also waiting because in the back of your head you think it will be worth the wait. You tell yourself “it’ll be worth the wait” over and over again until you believe it.

From a girl who’s been in that situation before, I’m just going to tell you ladies out there, don’t wait. Or at least don’t wait because you think he will change. He won’t change and you’re wasting your time. Instead, if you really can’t let him go at least try to put him on the back burner. Mentally he won’t be off the table forever but you also won’t be constantly thinking of him. If it’s truly meant to be, he’ll eventually come back around. I know that’s easier said than done but it really will help you through trying to let go.

Thanks for this one Lindsay.

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A beer bottle on a dock