Listen Up Girls, This One Is For You

We’re stuck in a world where your “image” is everything right? Well, it’s time we change that ladies.

There have been too many times where I’ve been in a conversation with my friends on how they don’t think they are “good enough.” Not good enough for other people, not good enough for their boyfriends, or not good enough for their parents. It’s heartbreaking because why should it matter what other people think of you? In today’s world, it seems like too many people are planning their lives around the thoughts of others instead of planning something for themselves.

I found a quote the other day scrolling through Pinterst and I immediately hit the “save” button because I instantly fell in love with the message.

A person holding a trophy

I can’t decide if I just started caring less, or I just noticed everyone around me started caring more about what they looked like. I mean yeah maybe don’t go out in public with your pj’s on (I still do that time to time), but also don’t feel the need to put a full face of make-up on wherever you go. Find the balance. Find the medium where you feel confident and yourself.  If we found the time to ,again the quote,”be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart, pretty strong,” then this world would be “pretty” awesome.

If we all just worked on those words above, I think there would be a lot more self-fulfillment in ourselves than when we try and lose 10 pounds. I’m exhausted from living in a world where people just compare themselves to others, talk about what they wished they looked like, or constantly care what others think. It’s sickening. Live your own life people, and for the love of God please eat that piece of cake if it looks good. I promise it won’t kill you.

Now I’m all about being healthy don’t get me wrong, but there are people out there lying to themselves about what healthy really means. A lot of times people aren’t even choosing to be “healthy” for the right reasons, which brings it full circle on doing things because of what other people think of you.

I understand it’s hard to just let go sometimes because of this world we live in with social media, the body shaming, people being superficial, but it can all start somewhere by spreading awareness. There is power in numbers people, and if we start sharing the love with your friends and family on how “pretty” they are on the inside and out, then you never know how far your positive words could reach.

Long story short. Be the person you want to be because you want to be that, not because it’s what you think other people will like. There are people out there that will love you for who you truly are and not for what you look like. It’s the personality that makes someone “pretty.”

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A beer bottle on a dock