6 Times Country Music Didn’t Take Any Sh*t From Abusive Fans

Few things in this world are worse than a man putting his hands on a woman.

Domestic violence is tragic in any household, however some of these scumbags think they can even pull that shit in public. Not so fast… One of the things I love about country music is that the men on stage will put a stop to that type of evil immediately and in some cases, have no problem jumping right off the stage themselves.

Here’s 6 times country music put a stop to these abusive pieces of shit straight from the stage.

1. Justin Moore’s “I’ll beat the fuck outta you”

2. Jaren Johnston takes matters into his own hands.

3. Chris Young goes off on some “assclown.”

4. Jake’s threat to some “lucky fan.”

5. Tim McGraw cocks a punch at abusive fan.

6. Brantley tells the crowd how he handles it.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock