If You’re A Small Town Girl With Her Heart “All Over The Map” This One Is For You

Clayton Anderson has got the perfect song for all you small town girls. Especially my fellow Indiana ladies.

It’s plain to see, midwest is best. There are various reasons that I won’t dive too much into right now. I do however want to point out one thing…

What makes an Indiana girl so special is the fact that she can have a touch of California, Texas, and New York all a part of her while also staying true to her down-home Indiana self. She’s got it all and shoot, a girl like that is hard to come by. If you find yourself one, don’t screw up.

Take a listen to Clayton Anderson’s “All Over The Map.”



If You’re A Small Town Indiana Girl With A Touch Of Cali

If You’re An Indiana Girl That’s Got Her Soul “All Over The Map” This Is For You

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock