Brett Eldredge Wasn’t Lying When He Said He Finally Found Something He’s Good At

I say this in 100% seriousness. I can not listen to Brett Eldredge‘s new song, “Somethin’ I’m Good At” without instantaneously smiling and feeling overcome with happiness.

This jam has now become what I like to call, “Delaney’s Happy Song.” So for that, Brett, thank you. Not only does this song have an upbeat sound that gets you smiling and dancing, but the words alone are what got me.

“If you give me your heart, girl, well, you may never get it back
You said you’d never smile again, but oh no, here it comes
Would you look at that?
I finally found somethin’ I’m good at”

This song might mean something different to you, but to me, it gives hope. Coming from a place of dissapointment time after time, it’s reassuring to hear the words “You said you’d never smile again, but oh no here it comes. Would you look at that?” Those words are what I hold onto and can’t wait for someone to someday look at me and say.

Aside from my deep emotional connection to the song (sorry I got kind of sappy there), it’s also the perfect feel-good, stress relieving, dance around in my room to kind of song. Guarantee this song will have you smiling big time and wishing Brett was your man.

P.S. Brett, if you’re single, I know a place that can satisfy our similar affection for whiskey. I’ll even show you how to change that flat if it goes well.

Now everyone go grab your dancing shoes… 

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock