Little Big Town’s “Beat Up Bible” Will Give You The Faith You Need To Get Through Heartbreak

“All you gotta do is just believe.”

Faith is a touchy subject to write about because not everyone sees it the same way. Although if you do believe, you’ll really get something out of this song. Little Big Town has always been one of my favorites. When I heard “Beat Up Bible” from their new album The Breaker, it immediately resonated with me. Being a believer myself, I have definitely had my fair share of highs and lows in my faith. I understand completely that it can get especially rocky while going through heartbreak.

Here are a few takeaways from “Beat Up Bible” that can restore your faith during these times.

1. “This beat up Bible, dusty on the shelf. Worn out and torn up. It don’t look like much, but it can get you through hell.”

The power of the Bible is so underrated and overlooked. Many just look at it and see a “worn out and torn up” book… but it’s SO much more. Inside one can find all of the answers and promises God has left for us.

2. “She was sitting right there teaching me a prayer. All that she knew about the words on the pages, about the greatest gift. Where you find the truth, you find the proof, of how love still is.”

Lean on the people who have taught you the way of God and push you to see through a different light. They are the ones that can help you find the comfort you need when times get tough.

3. “Baby when you praying, give Him all your worries, He’ll give you all you need. When you’re crying and your hurting, and nothing else is working. All you’ve got to do is just believe.”

Believe. Just believe. That is such a huge thing. Sometimes people think that prayers don’t do anything because they can’t see a physical change or feel an emotional change right away. You just have to trust in God, and know that he will take your burdens off your shoulders. Although, it’s not always easy to think this way.

4. “When she was on her way home she said, ‘Baby don’t cry. I’m going to see the one who rolled away the stone.'”

This is the most heartbreaking part of the song. Yet, it instills faith in you. When you believe, this time in your life isn’t so scary anymore. It’s not AT ALL easy losing a person that you love, but there is a comfort when you know that they are going to a better place.

5. “I’m crying and I’m hurting, and nothing else is working. So I open up the pages and start to read.”

Find all that you need in the Bible and through prayer. Let God’s love and promises heal your wounds. Give it all to God. You just have to believe.

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