Kip Moore’s Key To Happiness Is Exactly What You Need To Hear Today

Kip is a wise man.

During his hiatus from touring, he has been traveling the world and it sounds like it’s giving him some fantastic perspective. In an Instagram post, Kip left his followers with these words about materialism and seizing the day.

“At 21 I had never really seen anything other than the southern portion of the states (beautiful but knew there were other places to see). No one ever talked about getting out & experiencing anything other than what they grew up in, so I knew if I wanted to it would probably be a solo deal at first. I had 1,500 dollars saved up from a summer job after graduation & booked a 1 way flight to Hawaii. I lived on a porch & in a tent for close to a year, completely out of my comfort zone & I’ve been chasing that feelin ever since. You don’t need all the plush bullshit you’ve been brainwashed to desire. That shit keeps you strapped from what’s real. People always tell me I wish I could go see stuff & I say well then go. “Well I’m always kinda tight on $”.. Hey I got an idea sell that Mercedes & 4,000 square foot house you can barely afford that you think defines you, get a damn Kia, a smaller house, book a hostile and GO! You don’t get a re-do. You get 1 lap and that shit is over…@lifeinrewindfilms.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock