6 Reasons The Pickleback Is The Most Underrated Shot Of All Time

Your body changes as you get older.

You crave weird shit, you start liking stuff you couldn’t stomach in the past. Without a doubt, the most underrated shot of all time, is the Jameson Pickleback. As you get older, a shot like this is just what the doctor ordered. Something about the chemistry of the two liquids does a few things.

1. Makes you very happy.

2. Doesn’t make you feel like you’re drinking yourself stupid.

3. Gets rid of a lingering Jameson burn, or taste.

4. Replenishes your body with much-needed electrolytes (I made that one up).

5. It’s the working man’s dirty martini.

6. Allows you to do double the shots you could normally do.

Some of you think the shot sounds disgusting – I am telling you to wake up. Consider this your wake up call, your moment of enlightening for the greatest shot ever made, and your new go-to, as you get older and can’t handle the shots like you once could.

Go grab some pickle juice and whiskey. Cheers.

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