Sophia Scott Is Bringing Sexy Back With Her Cover Of JT’s Country Hit “Drink You Away”

When Justin Timberlake proclaimed he was “bringing sexy back” in his 2006 (wow we’re old) hit, he was talking about a smooth sort of sophistication that was totally original to him as a pop artist. But what exactly is ‘sexy’ and how does one go about bringing it back? There are a lot of different versions of it. There’s the obvious, physical appearance and scandalous kind of sexy, but then there’s also the laid back, confident, talented kind of sexy.

That’s Sophia Scott. This girl is killing it cover after cover on her YouTube page and is turning heads in the music industry for her talent. I’m sure it takes some of that ‘sexy confidence’ to belt out tunes like this and post them on the internet for all to hear but with a voice like that, I wouldn’t be too worried.

Now to the “bringing it back” part. I think what JT meant was being something that is new to the music world, something we don’t see everyday. Sophia Scott’s sound is all her own, so is her style and her platform on sites like YouTube and other social media accounts. To put it simply, she’s doing it her way. (and it’s working)

She’s got the talent, the looks and the confidence to make it big, bringing her own kind of sexy to the women’s side of country. Here she is covering JT’s country hit “Drink You Away” and what do you know, the girl is killin’ it.

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