Sugarland’s Emotionally Truthful “Already Gone” Will Always Hit Hard

I can’t decide what my feelings are right now listening to this song.

It’s a weird mix of nostalgic, sadness but also an appreciation for the absolute truth of the words. The multitude of emotions that “Already Gone” gives me is what makes the song so special.

It tells the story of a person who was always a step ahead, mentally, emotionally, or physically. It could be the story of a girl who wants to leave home so bad that she’s already mentally living in the future. It could be the story of a girl who fell too fast for a guy that everyone warned her to stay away from. This song paints a picture of life being a runaway train. Take the words as you will.

Take the words and message as you will. “Already Gone” by Sugarland will always be a truly timeless piece.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock