25 Granger Smith Bangers You Might Not Know But Should


It’s time for a little Granger Smith to kick your week into action.

You might know of this gem from his recent hits like “Backroad Song” or “If The Boot Fits.” Both absolute bangers, BUT he’s got even more to offer and you’d be dumb to miss out.

Here are 25 Granger Smith songs you might not know yet but most definitely should… 

1. “Remington”

2. “Tailgate Town”

3. “Blue Collar Dollars”

4. “Crazy As Me” (feat. Brooke Eden)

5. “Likin’ Love Songs”

6. “Tractor”

7. “Around The Sun”

8. “We Do It In A Field”

9. “If Money Didn’t Matter”

10. “Silverado Bench Seat”

11. “Miles And Mud Tires”

12. “Bury Me In Blue Jeans”

13. “Nothing To Prove”

14. “Up There On That Roof”

15. “She Even Made Leaving Look Good”

16. “She Was September”

17. “5 More Minutes”

18. “Whatever Happened To”

19. “Cherry Lipstick”

20. “Dirty Dishes”

21. “Gypsy Rain”

22. “So Surrounded”

23. “Sunset”

24. “Superstitious 17”

25. “19 Forever”

Yeah, I know, it’s a really long list. But I’m telling you- you are missing out if you don’t know these songs. Listen up and as always, YEE YEE!

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