Miranda Lambert’s “Bathroom Sink” Is One Of The Most Real Songs Ever

You might’ve overlooked this hidden gem of a song from Miranda Lambert’s Platinum album.

Well, thank God for Whiskey Riff, right? We’re always here to fill you in on anything and everything so you don’t miss it. Miranda Lambert’s “Bathroom Sink” is definitely a top Lambert song in my book. It’s honest to the struggle girls face on a day to day basis.

These are a few snippets of the lyrics that give a glimpse to the songs deeper meaning…

“Puttin’ on my makeup
Puttin’ off the hard stuff
Hoping that it passes
Fake smile and eyelashes”

We get up put on our makeup and try to present ourselves as put together, happy girls even if we aren’t. Time to face reality ladies and recognize that none of us have our sh*t together. 

“Glamour at its finest
Just means someone’s hiding
From their own reality and the mirror at their bathroom sink”

This part pretty much sums up the song. If someone looks like their completely perfectly put together, they aren’t. They’re just hiding from their own struggle.

“I pray as I get ready
For God to make me steady
And I thank him for his patience
And I take my medication
And bless this day and all it brings
And I clean up the bathroom sink”

This part is at the very end of the song. Take it as you will, it might have a different meaning or interpretation for each individual. It’s for sure my favorite part of the record.

Listen to this gem below…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock